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Israel 2018
or 2019

Israel - THE HOLY LAND and PETRA - 2019 (19 days) Approx cost $6250

Please keep me advised as to what is happening re 2019 ISRAEL tours.

I would be interested in a Feb/Mar tour in 2019

If it could be arranged I would be interested in EITHER a Feb/Mar tour in 2018 or 2019

India 2018

India - Late January 2018 (19 days) Approx cost $5600

I am interested in a Late January 2018 INDIA tour.

I would be interested at a different time of the year and suggest



Cambodia 2017

Vietnam and Cambodia 2017 (21 days) - HURRAY - STILL SPOTS AVAILABLE

I would like to join the 2017 Vietnam/Cambodia tour.

October 2017
- All inclusive price Approx $ 4,950

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Any comments you may wish to make.

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