Series 9 of the Experience of a life time in Israel and Egypt - Monday/Tuesday November 3rd & 4th, 2008
City of the Dead, Cario. Old tombs now frequented by homeless people. There are thousands living here now.
Their High Court(Or similar) in Cario
The Hanging Church - I never quite caught the significance of this place
The church is where Joseph stayed for a time after fleeing Egypt
The building is quite magnificent

Original Synogue Church


Lane way to Synagogue via the sellers area

Various ways of just surviving as there is no such thing as Unemployment payments. There is over 20% unemployment in Cario

Local butcher. Our health inspectors would have a field day

Ride and carry on a bike

Buses have to be seen to be believed. They look like Russian rejects.



Pants mended on the job

It is sad to see the way they treat their animals

To use the local taxi is to ensure you have a set of Rosary beads with you

Checking your weight

A little puff while one waits .One is never sure what they are smoking

The streets are just pouring in human kind, pushing and shoving just to survive.
What can one say!
The Pyramids are so close to Cario. This is from the city outskirts
How you would expect to see the Pyramids

One just had to stand on the largest pyramid to say one was there

The sellers are everywhere and a real pest. This is one of a number of rides on offer.
A truly remarkable sight

The pyramids would have originally been plastered on the outside and this one was weathered time. 4000 years in fact.

Camel Rides were a rip off. One Egyptian pound. Then when you head off into the desert, they charge a further 50 Egyptian pounds to get back, but they don't tell you that until to are in the desert proper.

Sellers markets are just everywhere and they truly annoy you until you buy something

The crowds have to be seen to be believed and trying to find your bus after taking a photo is a stress one could have done without.

One had to pinch oneself to make sure one was really here.
Yet more opportunities to have a ride in the area. Not much care or concern is shown to the animals.

Local traffic has to be seen to be experienced. It took us over 90 minutes to get from one side of town to the other. A distance of around 10k