Series 10 of the Experience of a life time in Israel and Egypt - Saturday November 8th, 2008
Statue of Ramses II
Alabaster Sphinx
Massive statue of Ramses II
Step Pyramid
Sakkara - The entrance to the step pyramid of King Djoser

Hand weaving of carpets which takes so long. No wonder the carpets are so expensive.


This rubbish lines the River Nile and this is the same water that is filtered for drinking.

You would be right to assume we used bottled water for EVERYTHING

Leaving Egypt from the terminal to the plane

Then you have to identify your own luggage before it is put on the plane. Security is very tight here, but as slack as everywhere else.

Mini Israel is just an amazing place


They cater for every age

Just a small selection of the various sights in Israel that are presented in amazing detail



This gives you some idea of the size in proportion.

Latrun Trappists Monastery and winery

The Chapel

Amazing views

Then back to Jerusalem for shopping and a final meal together via the Jaffa Gate.

And end to an amazing tour where the participants showed true care of one another as we experienced our pilgrimage in faith together.