What is special about this particular Tour?

It incorporates the best of the previous six tours to Israel and is an absolute gem.

If you want to experience the important spiritual locations as well as seeing the best Israel has to offer, this is the one for you.



The following is information that will be helpful in making a decision to come away with us,
or just to experience Israel through other participants eyes.

Pictorial of 2013 Tour

Pictorial of 2014 Tour

Coffee Table Book that is produced at the end of a trip - 2008 Tour          - 2013 Tour               - 2014 Tour
(Note the best way to view these books is to click the 4 arrows on RHS of page as this gives you full screen viewing)

Itinerary for the 2016 Tour. (Word Document) or 2016 Tour (PDF Document)

The problem with costing the tour is the dropping of the US dollar which effects the price considerably.
Once we have definate numbers, we will be asking for the land content so we can pay that and
maximise the US dollar rate at that time.

ISRAEL - The HOLY LAND Tour plus Petra (optional) in Jordan $6750 approx.
Cost worked out on US dollar being between .79¢ - .75¢ (All Inclusine except Petra)


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