Series 7 of the Experience of a life time in Israel and Egypt - Thursday/Friday October 27/28th, 2008
The Western Wall
Just to prove we were there
Placing the parish prayer list in the wall




Entrance to the underground part of the Western Wall Walk

Very dusty and in parts very narrow

Overlooking the Pool in Bethsada. The healing by Jesus of the lame man

John 5: 1-13

The pools have been uncovered in recent times

The church near the pool. The acoustics in this building were amazing. We had a sing a long here which was very moving

Outside the church

In the process of walking the "Via Dolorosa" - The 14 stations of the cross, you come across this symbol at the 2nd Station where Jesus takes up his cross.

Here you view the actual road Jesus would have taken and able to walk on this area

The king symbol is a game the soldiers played and would have used Jesus as they mocked him.

The actual road

Security is very tight all over Israel and you feel Big Brother is watching you everywhere

Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The traditional place of Jesus burial and resurrection. This building is controlled by 6 different Christian traditions, most claiming to have their patch has the real tomb site.

The crowds and disgusting behaviour in pushing and shoving to see the rock was frightening.

Lunch was a pleasant break, but a real rip off. They charged $14 for a simple pita sandwich and drink.

In fact the rip off merchants are not something you would think you would find in this Christian setting.

Don't you believe it!!!!!!!!

Results of the 6 day war can be seen on the walls of this archway
Bullet holes in the stone work

King David's Tomb underneath the Upper Room.

The way in was through the Jewish custom of women one side and men the other.

Men must at all times have their head covered and so Macdonalds type hats were provided.

Saint Peter in Gallicantu, the place of the High Priest and where Jesus was kept until his trial.

Peter is told he will deny Jesus and the rooster willow crow three times.

Matthew 26: 69-75

The hole Jesus would have been let down through into the holding cells
We held a simple prayer here and read Psalm 88

The actual road of Jesus day where the disciples would have brought the water from the pool of siloam to the ritual bath.

Then they would have set up ready for the Last Supper.

Mark 14: 12-26

Saint George's Anglican Cathedral, just around the corner from our hotel

This slide is out of order but worth having.

It shows the cup of suffering and the crown of thorns.

This design is on 3 sides of the sanctuary and was donated by the Australian Government.

This is Hezekiah"s tunnel where it was dug out of solid rock for the water course under King David's City.

This is a must see and experience event.

Two of our number walked through the final tunnel in the water all the way. (In complete darkness)

Church dedicated to the birth place of John the Baptist

Downstairs into the cave believed to be part of the home of John the Baptist

Obviously not in its current state.

Next to the Garden tomb and the site of Golgotha

Mark 15: 21 - 47

Actual tomb of Jesus
Resting place of Jesus on the left
Con-Celebration of Mass at the Garden Tomb