Series 8 of the Experience of a life time in Israel and Egypt - Saturday/Sunday November 1st & 2nd, 2008
Bedewin Camp on the way to Masada
Qumran, Monastic site
This ancient site was where John The Baptist spend some time
The Monastic quarters
One of the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

All along the route to the Dead Sea, the army was stopping selected traffic.

Temp guard houses were also set up


This is the area of King Herod's Palace, but also the site where the Jewish rebellion was put down and over 1000 committed suicide.

Fortunately we went up bu cable car to the top rather than the snake style path which is the alternative

The rebells in this area withstood the Romamn Army for 2 years

These little birds love twisties

The Dead Sea with the mountains in the background

Banks of salt and various minerals built up in the water

The semi brave paddled

This is what happens to a brick when left near the beach and a salt covering develops

Then there are the real brave who find they just can't siunk no matter what they do.

Clean water is necessary after this dip or swim

And the water is FREEZING

Our hotel was true class
And the sunrise was to die for.

Some of the rooms even had a balcony, bedroom and lounge room, 2 TV's, 2 Bathrooms and a balcony with a spar.

Beersheba National Parl

We even had to wear these dorkie hard hats before we were allowed to view the underground well which was used to water the horses from the Light Hosre Briogare in the 1st World War.


I mean - Would you buy a used car from this women?

This was the enormous water source
Abraham's Well from the OT days

This was worked with donkeys travelling round and round


This was the area where the great charge of the Light Horse brigade in WW1

Around the corner from this the mounds and mounds of old car wrecks

The cemetry where many of those who died in WW1 wewre buried
This was beautifully kept.

This amazing caste statue is so life like in this brand new memorial site recently opened in 2008.


Next stop EGYPT.